What You Need to Know About Debt Help in Columbus

August 27, 2020 at 6:00 AM
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It’s no secret: millions of Americans live under the weight of debt. For many individuals and families, this weight is crippling and keeps them from enjoying the lifestyle they deserve. For others, debt has reached a point where they must seek solutions to remedy their seemingly insurmountable sums. And, as more people seek debt help in Columbus, Ohio, and beyond, they’re also looking for novel solutions to put this financial burden behind them.

But while there are different ways to manage debt, not all offer the same solutions, flexibility, or customization. If you’re among the millions of Americans who feel trapped under debt, read on to learn more about how Debt Help, Inc. can put you on a path to financial freedom.

Debt help options

There are a number of ways people manage debt. However, each comes with its own unique set of stipulations, timelines, and results. For this reason, many Americans quickly become overwhelmed when exploring their options for debt relief. Debt Help, Inc. aims to offer a streamlined path to financial wellbeing, depending on your circumstances.

How we can help

Whatever your debt situation, Debt Help, Inc. can likely help you or provide the information you need to make sound financial decisions elsewhere. If we find that your debt situation is suitable for our Debt Relief Program, we will help you manage and settle the debt you owe to each creditor—and at a fraction of the full balance.

To benefit from our debt help in Columbus, you must first qualify. To qualify, you must owe more than $5000 in unsecured debt. Keep in mind, however, that just because you meet this single criterion, debt settlement may not be the right approach to help you solve your debt. To determine whether your situation fits our services, your debt advisor will discuss the details of your financial situation and make a decision based on your unique needs.

Our debt solution

If you are selected as part of our program, your debt advisor will then help you create a monthly savings plan. This is the cornerstone of our debt solution; it determines how long you will be enrolled in the program, and provides you with a strategic approach to paying off your debt.

We aim to find a balance between time and contribution but keep in mind that your situation may require a more aggressive savings plan. Conversely, your plan may offer some leeway for a longer, more comfortable payment timeframe. This is another matter your debt help advisor will help you navigate.

Consider your credit

While our program can help you get out of debt faster than many other programs, it’s important to consider the effects debt settlement it has on your credit. Be aware that we are not a credit repair organization. We exist to help you settle your debts, placing you on a path to financial wellbeing. If you have any questions about how our program will impact your credit, make sure to discuss this with your debt advisor.

Get on the path to financial freedom with Debt Help, Inc.

Finding debt help in Columbus can be a challenging ordeal. But with the right circumstances and guidance from our debt advisors, you could be on your way to a brighter financial future today. Contact us today to learn more and to take the first step towards financial wellbeing.